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By combining user-friendly, environmentally safe epoxy and urethane technology with the latest  polymer chemistry, Milamar Coatings is able to offer you a wide selection of products designed to provide you the long lasting protection necessary in today’s fast-paced 24/7 manufacturing and processing operations. This is indispensable in  the food and beverage industry, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, clean rooms and secondary containment. Here are stories of real problems and how solutions by Milamar Coatings provided dramatic results.


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American Crystal SugarA 2,800 sq.ft. locker room coated with a seamless, moisture proof flooring system.

Anheuser Bush Fairfield – ICO Guard 51 resin rich floor for Anheuser Bush in their new pasteurizer line.

Bacon Press Line – A major pork processor was experiencing problems with slippery tile floors from animal fats. 3300 FS was used to provide a slip resistant surface that was easy to clean.

Bakery Staging Area – After years of heavy fork lift traffic and chemical wash-downs, the grout between tiles started to erode. 3500 Grout was applied and pitches to drains were created to help water flow to the drains.

Coca Cola – ICO Guard 51 resin rich floor is used under a bottling line because of its proven ability to withstand the constant moisture, heavy wear and CIP wash-downs.

Con Agra Beef – Beef plant couldn’t find a floor system that withstood the natural byproducts of processing and the high temperatures and chemicals used in the wash downs, until they tried ICO Guard 51.

De-Boning Line – A poultry processing company experienced severe concrete spalling from years of exposure to chicken blood, fats, and caustic solution wash downs from their de-boning line. 3300 FS was applied to eliminate bacterial growth.

Florida Juice Company 3500 Grout along with 1000 CS was applied to a juice company process plant to provide a sanitary non-slip surface to work on.

Food Processing Chemical Attack – A meat processing facility experienced chemical attacks from daily cleaning and pallet jack traffic. Sanitation was difficult due to exposed aggregate. 3300 FS was applied to provide a durable surface with non-slip texture.

Glister MaryLee – 30 year old food processing plant turns to ICO Guard 51 to repair their worn and deteriorated concrete floors to further protect them from sanitation procedures and heavy traffic.

Hudson Foods Thermal shock conditions at a hot dog processing plant resulted in delamination and cracking of an existing overlayment. ICO Guard 51 was applied needing no top coat resulting in years of use with no material deterioration.

Jackson Beverage – Long time Anheuser Bush distributor was upgrading their warehouse. They wanted their facility to be a showpiece and required a floor that could withstand the constant heavy traffic. ICO Floor SL, with a top coat of Ure Guard 60 for UV resistance has proven to be a long term solution.

Kuhlman Cellars – A new winery in Texas was in need of protecting their concrete in the blending/barrel storage area as acids from the process of wine making are very aggressive. ICO Coat was applied for protection.

Meat Processing Food Plant – A new addition was added to a meat processing plant that needed protection against salts and liquid smoke. 6600 FS was applied to the cooler and freezer areas which prevented future chemical attacks from happening.

Meat Processing Service Hallways – A protective coat was needed to connect hallways and coolers in production areas. 3300 FS was installed to protect the surface from heavy forklift traffic.

Pickle Brine Room – Severe damage was caused due to vinegar and forklift traffic. 3300 FS was installed in one day to protect the concrete from chemical attacks.

Pork Processing Plant – The U.S.D.A. was concerned about deterioration on the concrete floor from animal fats and cleaning chemicals. The floor was degreased and 3500 Grout was applied along with 3300 FS to provide a safe environment.

Ste. Michelle Winery – Washingtons State’s oldest winery was interested in a coating system that would not contribute to the manifestation of the chemical compound TriChloroAnisole which can affect the taste of wine. ICO Floor Coating applied as a slurry broadcast system with locally mined sand provided the performance and look they required.

Second Street Brewery – ICO Glaze on walls and ICO Quartz 120 DB on the floor provide a seamless, moisture proof barrier from the ceiling down to the drain in a brewery expansion.

Sugar Refinery –  A liquid molasses line was experiencing extreme concrete erosion 3700 Grout and 1000 CS was installed to correct the issue.

Victor Preserving – ICO Floor SL with ICO Guard Coating provides long-lasting protection in a sauerkraut processing facility.

Wing’s Food Products –  A tough, durable, chemical-resistant floor was needed at an Asian food supplier, Ure Guard TL urethane cement was the perfect solution.

Yuma Dairy Milking Facility – heavy wear and tear on the concrete cow decks resulted in those decks deteriorating in months. ICO Iron Guard with its proprietary, non rusting fill was used to provide a fast cure time and hold up not only to the wear but the CIP wash downs too.


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Electro Plating Case Study– A plating company in the Northeast USA was experiencing chemical attacks to the concrete floor in their chemical drum storage area.

Enterprise Transportation  One of the top ten largest tank truck companies looks for a system that will solve their concrete deterioration problems in the tank wash bays. ICO Hi Guard was used to withstand exposure to the constant moisture, chemicals, and to provide a safe walking surface for their employees.

Gateway FS, Inc. – Agricultural cooperative was having problems with concrete deterioration in their fertilizer chemical mixing and filling areas. ICO Hi-Guard was used because of it’s excellent chemical and impact resistance.

Kearfott Corporation – One of the worlds leading guidance system manufacturers usse ICO Ure Guard SLRY in an area with 13 process tanks that contain many different caustics and acids.

Newmont Goldmine – Deteriorated concrete in gold mining operation are restored by application of ICO Hi Guard and Hi Guard Liner.

Plating and Anodizing Company – An additional plating line was built  that needed to withstand chemical solutions used in the plating process. After extended immersion tests 6650 CS and 6000 FS were provided  to provide them with the protection they needed.

Reliable Plating Corporation – Metal finishing company transforms a 100 year old warehouse into a state of the art plating facility. ICO Primer LV and Hi Guard Coating are used to transform the old existing concrete into a bright, tough, chemical resistant, seamless floor that is easy to maintain and safe for their employees to walk on.

Rentech Nitrogen – A fertilizer company that produces synthetic granulated ammonium sulfate by using ammonium thiosulfate, a very aggressive inorganic compound that had severely attacked their concrete floor is protected by Milamar’s 6200 FS Vinyl ester along with their 3300CR Novolac. These outperformed competitors systems in immersion testing and provids Rentech with years of protection.

S.C. Johnson & Sons – S.C. Johnson and Sons was having flooring issues around their Drano product filling lines. ICO Guard 51 was used because it could stand up to the corrosive properties of Drano while being safe for their employees to walk on while wet.

Sparhawk Labs – Manufacturer of a full line of animal health products requires a completely smooth wall that is easily cleanable and can withstand the harsh chemicals used in their disinfection program.  ICO Guard Coating and ICO Glaze systems are used.


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Bleach Plant – Severe erosion from calcium hypochlorite, caustic, and sulfuric acid was severely damaging a pulp & paper bleach plant until 5500 grout and 6000 VS was used.

GoldCorp   One of Canada’s largest gold producers suffered from a heavily pitted maintenance shop, their solution was to use the tough ICO Iron Guard with proprietary, non rusting, steel reinforcement.

Itasca Public Works – Public works department needed too protect their 16,000 sf maintenance facility from the heavy wear, moisture and oil of their trucks, plows and heavy equipment. ICO Floor 51, was chosen because of its lack of odor, outstanding toughness, and a single step, power trowel application.

Natural Gas Facility – Reaching nationwide with their pipelines, the Spruce Hill Air Blending Natural Gas Facility needed a tough flooring system in their processing areas. The job was done within three days from the start of prep.

Papé Forestry Equipment – One the west’s largest construction and forestry equipment suppliers needs a coating that can withstand the large, heavy machinery with steel treads. Tough and resilient ICO Floor 51 combined with steel filler fits the bill.

Recovery BoilerHarsh chemical spills and acid deteriorated the floor in a pulp & paper mill making cleanup impossible. After prep, 5500 Grout overlaid with chemical resistant 6000 CS created a seamless non slip finish.

Skills, Inc. Skills, Inc. is one of Washington State’s largest aerospace suppliers of machined and sheet metal parts for both commercial and defense supply chains.

Stock Storage Tower A high density stock storage tank had grout spalling around and behind the tile lining due to loose tiles in several areas. After sandblasting, 2600 CS was applied for protection.

Veolia Recycling Facility –  Industrial solvent recycle company Veolia of Ohio experienced a plant fire that required them to rebuild their outside containment areas. Battling varying temperatures, bugs, and rain, the job was one of the more difficult ones to get done, but also one of the most rewarding. ICO Super Guard is known for its unique ability to protect against harsh acids and chlorinated solvents.


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California Academy of Sciences A brand new $500 million dollar building  was designed with the highest rated LEED ratings in mind. The Academy rainforest was a spectacular 90-Foot dome that was constantly moist with heavy foot traffic. ICO Floor Coating offers excellent adhesion  and is impervious to moisture.

Cornell University- A freshly poured concrete floor developed cracks throughout which was going to result in a huge problem for the floor as corrosive conditions were expected. Contractors had a tight deadline to provide a comprehensive coating system before the new school year began.

Detention Centers – ICO Glaze system is used on the walls of a prison because of its mold, graffiti, and damage resistant qualities. Tough and durable ICO Floor Coating is used on the floor because of its ability to withstand the harsh cleaning and constant traffic in the prison.

Firehouse Floor – Fire Department wants a “showroom” quality floor that can withstand dropped hoses and other equipment without chipping to avoid the hassle and cost of yearly replacement. ICO Floor SL was used and has been down for over three years with no chipping or cracking.

Georgia Aviation Technical College – Aviation College requires a hanger coating that would provide their students and faculty with years of service while being subjected to oil, airplane fuel, dropped tools and airplane traffic.

Hyatt Kitchen-Resin – Resin rich ICO Guard 51 is applied in a hotel kitchen because of its lack of odor, impermeability to liquid penetration, wear resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance, and ease of maintenance.

New Yorker Hotel – ICO Lastic is used as a moisture proof barrier in their mechanical room.

Shower Coating System – ICO Products used to solve a variety of problems in several universities by repairing and then sealing the showers floors, walls and ceilings.

South Dakota Air Guard Hangar – ICO Floor Coating with a ICO Ure Guard 60 topcoat is used in a South Dakota Air National Guard airplane hanger. ICO Floor Coating SY was used as a high wearing safety striping material that holds up to the heavy loads and mechanical abrasion.


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Harley Davidson Bridge Repair – Deck Coating- Harley Access Bridge – Quick setting, flexibilized bridge deck coating applied by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation allows bridge to return to service the same day.

North Carolina DOT Bridge Repair – ICO works with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to develop a product to repair the deteriorating concrete on the undersides of their bridges.

University of Colorado Stair Repair – University seeks a permanent solution to fix and protect their concrete stairs that is faster and more economical than tearing the stairs out and re-pouring all the concrete.

Upper Stillwater Dam Repair – United States Bureau of Reclamation uses ICO Gel to repair the cracking and spalling concrete on the face of the Upper Stillwater Dam in Utah.

Wisconsin DOT Bridge Patch – Quick Patch – Wisconsin Department of Transportation uses ICO Quick Patch to quickly repair large holes in concrete bridge deck.


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Dollar Tree Stores – Carpet, VCT, and polished concrete didn’t hold up to what the Dollar Tree Stores needed, a new floor was suggested to them to hold up to the everyday wear and tear on their flooring. ICO Quartz systems were provided to provide the durable highly attractive look that was desired.

Mercedes Benz Dealership – Mercedes dealer seeks a high-tech, upscale look for their service area. ICO Floor Coating with Ure Guard 60 topcoat provides the easy to clean, light reflective , durable floor.

Stone Mountain Pet Lodge – Upscale kennel uses ICO Quartz 120 DB on their floors and ICO Glaze on their walls. System provides seamless surface that is impervious to moisture and tough enough to handle the constant cleaning, impact and thermal shock.

Suburban Lawn Center – John Deere dealer seeks a showroom quality floor that can withstand the foot and tractor traffic while being easy to clean and maintain with no waxing.

Watkins Glen Raceway – Winner’s Circle – ICO Ure Guard 80 used to create a checkered flag motif on victory lane of one of the nations premier race tracks for their 60th anniversary.



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American Garage of Tampa Bay– Dealing with extreme heat and humidity issues, American Garage of Tampa Bay was innovative with their flooring solutions  for a 4,800 sq. ft. showroom that was to house luxury vehicles with a ‘red carpet’ finish.

Automotive Parts Assembly –  A large N. American manufacturing company was experiencing concrete spalling and dusting problems when they turned to Milamar’s 1000CS for durability.

Canadian Tire – One of Canada’s more shopped retailers needed a fast turn-around with no loss of business to update their dirty, pitted, and worn floors.

Milwaukee Auto Auction The largest independent auto auction in Wisconsin was so busy auctioning off over 1,000 cars per week that they needed an upgrade in appearance to their facility.


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Residential Garage When the Brackett’s moved into their new home there were stains and buildups on the garage floor. In order to protect their garage floor and give it a showroom finish they utilized the easy do-it-yourself Milamar SUPERCOAT. In one weekend they had a beautifully refinished garage floor!


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